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It’s been a long time since I Rock & Rolled…..


I started putting together a 2TB photo server so that I might be able to quickly search for any image in my database. I’ve gone back and stated scanning this stuff called film, some of you may remember it.

Last night I ran into this image of Led Zeppelin, one of the first concerts I ever shot. The image shows Jimmy Page playing his famous Gibson EDS-1275 12/6 double neck custom guitar. 35 years ago! This is actually from a famous concert… or should I say infamous concert. The first photo is from the 1977 riot at Tampa Stadium. Zeppelin played 3 songs and it started to rain so they stopped the show. The tickets said no refunds, show goes on rain or shine. 30 minutes after the promoter delayed the show, Police ran in wearing riot gear and carrying billy clubs and the craziness began. Check it out here: Led Zeppelin Official Website 1977

Gibbson Double NeckZeppelin1959 Les Paul

Gone to the Dogs.....