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Mitchell Davis: Rock and Roll Photographer

Mitchell is imaginative and a little insane! Whether it’s live concert photos, shots done in the recording studio or a dirty Laundromat at 3am, Mitchell is our go-to photographer. He’s like a photo Ninja. He would shoot from inside my drum kit if I let him.
— Morgan Rose
Rockstar – Sevendust

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Mitchell Davis is professional rock and roll photographer living in Tampa, Florida. His rock and roll photography portfolio includes rock stars from Aerosmith to ZZ Top, and venues of all sizes.

Mitchell has been in the rock and roll photography industry for over 25 years, photographing rock stars, rock and roll venues, rock and roll events and rock bands.

Through his association with these rockstars he has also produced images for their suppliers. Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Dean Guitars, Mesa Boogie Amps, Ddrums and Toca Drums to name a few.

Additionally, for more than 15 years Mitchell has supplied award-winning images for one of the top-10 rated venues in the United States, the St. Pete Times Forum.

How Are Professional Rock and Roll Photographers Different from Amateurs?

Professional rock and roll photographers capture the moment, wrap up the concert, sell the venue and promote the next event all through photographic artistry. In the day and age of iPhone selfies, Instagram and mobile uploads, fans are bombarded by new images of rock star icons on a daily basis. The difference between these amateur shots and those that will be delivered to you by a professional rock and roll photographer has less to do with photo resolution and pixels than you may think.

“A well-done photo will bring the event home to you. Every time you look at it, it’s like being at the concert all over again.”

A professional rock and roll photographer captures the fun of a rock ‘n’ roll concert like a close friend, giving the viewer intimate access to a rock star’s personal space. His photos are are sort of “backstage pass” to the concert — a VIP pass, if you will. And, he gives the performing artists he photographs the security of knowing their images will not be posted on Facebook without consent.

“Even if you didn’t get to go backstage, looking at a professional photo can make you feel like you were there.”

Make no mistake, though intimate, the photographs taken by professional rock and roll photographers are polished. It is this refinement gives professional rock and roll photography the power to influence people to attend more concerts, fall in love with rock and roll venues, make more purchases and become raving fans of rock and roll icons.

“A great photo will capture the ambience of a venue. It can give you a feeling of excitement, longing and nostalgia all at once.”

Mitchell Davis is a professional rock and roll photographer who has a reputation for capturing the magic of rock and roll concerts and rock icons. His love for rock and roll photography takes him all over the country creating rock and roll memorabilia for rock stars in every stage of their careers and rock and roll venues of all sizes.

Contact him at: (813) 204.0109